Warranty & Repair

Your equipment manufacturer will provide you with an equipment warranty. If you experience warranty-covered problems, Mobility Medical will work with the manufacturer to help correct them. Mobility Medical must charge for service calls to your home in addition to parts and labor. Contact us to schedule an appointment if you desire to have your chair repaired there.

Scheduling an appointment will assure that an tech is available to make the repair. If you bring your chair into our office, you will only be charged for the necessary parts and labor.

To bill your funding source for repairs, we may need prior authorization before we can begin work. You can request payer authorization approval by calling your insurance to expedite the process.

We will do everything we can to care for you and your equipment.  However we also reserve the right not to repair any equipment that we did not provide or cannot establish medical necessity for, this is important if you have traditional Medicare.  We reserve the right not to repair equipment that is being damaged by misuse and in proper care of your equipment.  We reserve the right to not repair equipment that is left outside and environmental elements have caused damage.  We reserve the right to not repair equipment if you are abusive to your equipment or abusive to our staff, we understand when equipment fails it can be very frustrating.  We will work with you thru this process.

Tips to a healthier longer lifetime of your equipment.  

·         Take good care of equipment by keeping it neat and clean, if you go thru a puddle be sure that when you can get someone to help wipe this off as soon as possible.  There is a cleaning kit you may purchase from us in order to help maintain the life of your equipment.

·         Do not run into doorways or walls.

·         Do not use excessive force or excessive pressure.

·         Keep inside, if item is kept outside purchase from us a protective cover in which we provide at a very reasonable rate.

·         Alert us of any issues as soon as possible.

·         Properly charge your item as the manufacturer suggests doing.

·         Have a back up plan in place for emergencies, it is the responsibility of the patient to have a back up plan in place.  Repairs of items are not considered “urgent after 5pm or weekend issues”.  If you need a backup manual chair we can help sale this at a low cost to you.

·         Read your manufacturer’s booklet and ask questions, we are always here to help.